Brief History

The Veterinary Council of Nigeria (VCN) came into existence by virtue of the Veterinary Surgeons Ordinance No. 30 of 1952. The VCN held its maiden meeting on 9th April, 1953 at the National Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI) in Vom - the initial administrative headquarters of VCN.

The founding members of the VCN were:

Name Position
1 Dr. R.S. MARSHALL, MRCVS President
2 Dr. S.G. WILSON, MRCVS Nominated by the Governor
3 Dr. F.D. JAKEWAY, OBE Nominated by the Governor
4 Dr. Jack K.H. WILDE, MRCVS Nominated by the Governor
5 Dr. Desmond Hayward HILL, DVM, MRCVS, OBE Rep. University College, Ibadan
6 Dr. G.H. Vivian BLYTHE Appointed Registrar

In 1969, the Veterinary Surgeons Ordinance (of 1952) was re-enacted as the Veterinary Surgeons Decree No. 37, 1969 and signed into law by the then Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon. The Decree properly defined and expanded the statutory mandate of VCN to include the approval of Institutions and courses for the training of Veterinary Surgeons in Nigeria. A further amendment of the law took place in 1987 (Veterinary Surgeons Decree No. 40 of 1987). The crux of that amendment was to increase the number of elected members of Council from four to eight and to enable the Council to elect its President and Vice President.

Presently, the VCN consists of fifty-six members comprising of eleven Ex-officio, eight elected and thirty seven appointed members.

In 1998, the Council moved its headquarters from NVRI, Vom in Plateau State to Abuja the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in line with extant policy that all Federal Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies should move their administrative headquarters to the FCT.

The Veterinary Council, at its 69th regular meeting of April 13th – 14th 1992 held in Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Abuja, approved the establishment of the College of Veterinary Surgeons Nigeria (CVSN) for specialist training of Clinicians.

In 2010, Council approved the establishment of State offices to bring its activities closer to the Veterinary practitioners. However, due to paucity of funds, to open and run the offices in the 36 States and the Federal Capital Territory, the decentralization policy commenced with the establishment of six zonal offices, one each, in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria. Activities have commenced in all the zonal offices situated in Ibadan, Enugu, Port Harcourt, Gombe, Kaduna and Vom.

Past and Current Presidents of the Veterinary Council of Nigeria

Name Date
1 Dr. R.S. MARSHALL 1953-1956
2 Dr. Jack K.H. WILDE 1956-1956
3 Dr. J.I. TAYLOR 1956-1960
4 Dr. Anthony Leslie Cranage THORNE 1960-1966
5 Dr. R.D. BROWN 1967-1968
6 Dr. H.T.B. HALL 1969-1971
7 Dr. Musa GONI 1971-1973
8 Dr. Kamoru Adekunle SANSI 1976-1978
9 Dr. Abubakar Gofolo LAMORDE 1979-1987
10 Dr. Kesley Benibo DAVID-WEST 1988-1989
11 Dr. John Nancan BINCAN 1990-1992
12 Dr. Ja’afar LADAN 1993-1997
13 Prof. Gabriel Oluwole ESURUOSO 1998-2003
14 Dr. Junaid Ahmed MAINA 2003-2004
15 Prof Yusuf Otaru ALIU 2004-2008
Prof Gabriel A.T. Ogundipe
Prof. Garba H. Sharubutu
2008 – 2013
2003 - 

Past Registrars of the Veterinary Council of Nigeria

Name Date
1. Dr. G.H. Vivian Blythe 9th April, 1953 – 15th November, 1960
2. Mr. E.P. Lindley (Ag) 16th Nov. 1960 – 25th January, 1961
3. Mr. J. Headland 26th January, 1961 – 3rd July, 1962
4. Mr. K. Nixon (Ag.) 4th July, 1962 – 28th January, 1964
5. Dr. E.O. Ezebuiro (Ag) 29th January, 1964 – 28th January, 1966
6. Mr. K. Nixon 29th January, 1966 – 4th July, 1968
7. Dr. Musa Goni 5th July, 1968 – 2nd July, 1969
8. Dr. H.T.B. Hall 3rd July,1969 – 10th March, 1971
9. Dr. K.A.O Sansi 11th March, 1971 – 17th January, 1976
10. Dr. B.Y. Owolodun 18th January, 1976 – 8th January, 1978
11. Dr. O Onoviran (Ag) 9th January, 1978 -13th July, 1978
12. Dr. B.Y. Wolodun 14th July, 1978 – 10th June, 1979
13. Dr. O. Onoviran 11th July, 1979 – 9th July, 2002
14. Dr. D.G. Maddo (Ag) 10th July, 2002 – 3rd September, 2003
Dr. D.G. Maddo
Dr. Markus A. Avong (Ag)
Dr. Markus A. Avong
Dr. Josiah T. Kantiyok (Ag)
4th September, 2003 – 20th June, 2011
23rd June, 2011 - 16th July, 2012
17th July, 2012 - 16th September, 2016
17th September, 2016 -

Present Members of the Veterinary Council of Nigeria

Name Date
1. Prof. Garba H. Sharubutu President
2. Dr. Allswell K. Emejuru, DVS, Rivers State Vice President
3. Prof. Gabriel A.T. Ogundipe Elected Member Member
4. Prof. (Mrs.) Morenike A. Dipeolu, elected Member Member
5. Prof. Patrick A. Onyeyili, Elected Member Member
6. Dr. Ibrahim A. Muhammad, Elected Member Member
7. Dr. El-Yuguda Abdul-Dahiru, Elected Member Member
8. Prof. Abdulkadir U. Junaidu, Elected Member Member
9. Prof. Shodeinde V.O. Shoyinka, Elected Member Member
10. Prof. Chukwunyere O. Nwosu, Dean, FVM, UNN Member
11. Dr. Abdullahi A. Magaji, Dean, FVM, UDUS Member
12. Prof. Maxwel I. Ezeja, Dean, CVM, Umudike Member
13. Prof. Ebenezer B. Otesile, Dean, CVM, FUNNAB Member
14. Prof. Iyorhembah U. Ate, Dean, CVM, UAM Member
15 Prof. Hyelduku D. Kwari, Dean, FVM, Unimaid Member
16 Prof. Haruna M. Kazeem, Dean, FVM, ABU Member
17 Prof. Mathew O. Oyeyemi, Dean, FVM, UI Member
18. Prof. James A. Ameh, Dean, FVM, UniAbuja Member
19. Dr. Emmanuel O. Sunday, DVS, Nasarawa State Member
20. Dr. Sorunke O. Dotun, DVS, Ogun State Member
21. Dr. (Mrs.) Nwokocha Queenlilia Nwanyeze, DVS Abia State Member
22. Dr. isa Abba, DVS, Katsina State Member
23. Dr. Akingbade I. Felix, DVS, Ondo State Member
24. Dr. Onyeka C. Emmanuel, DVS, Enugu State Member
25 Dr. Abdullahi S/Fada, DVS, Zamfara State Member
26 Dr. Hassan G. Balla, DVS, Adamawa State Member
27 Dr. (Mrs) Chima Irene, DVS, Imo State Member
28. Dr. Shehu I. Bawa, DVS, Kano State Member
29. Dr. (Mrs.) Doris O. Bitrus, DVS, Plateau State Member
30. Dr. Isaac O. Aluko, DVS, Osun State Member
31. Dr. Thomas Adine Haruna, DVS, Edo State Member
32. Dr. Peter A. Adegunwa, DVS, Oyo State Member
33. Dr. Charles O. Diai, DVS, Delta State Member
34. Dr. Bala M. Lukshi, DVS, Bauchi State Member
35. Dr. Obot U. Obot, DVS, Akwa Ibom State Member
36,. Dr. Ronald Kparevzua, DVS, Benu State Member
37 Dr. Daniel I. Obele, DVs, Anambra State Member
38. Dr. Lazarus S. Budidi, DVS, Gombe State Member
39 Dr. Ganiyu O. Adams, DVS, Lagos State Member
40 Dr. Nuhu M. Zaku, DVS, Taraba State Member
41 Dr. Felix O. Ojo, DVS, Ekiti State Member
42 Dr. Emara Daguabu Ibegu, DVS, Bayelsa State Member
43 Dr. Wayamta Njidda Mshelmunyi, DVS, Borno State Member
44 Dr. Chris I Ngaji, DVS, Cross River State Member
45 Dr. Okoro Ibiam, DVS, Ebonyi State Member
46. Dr. Abdullahi Haruna Birniwa, DVS, Jigawa State Member
47 Dr. Timothy A. Onoja, DVS, Kogi State Member
48 Dr. Timothy T. Asake, DVS, Kaduna State Member
49 Dr. Faruk Adamu, DVS, Kebbi State Member
50. Dr. Garba I. Musa, DVS, Niger State Member
51 Dr. Garba A. Ibrahim, DVs, Yobe State Member
52. Dr. Ibrahim Ndama Halleed, DVS, Kwara State Member
53 Dr. (Mrs.) Regina Ada Adulugba, AHD, FCT, Abuja Member
54 Dr. Abdulkadir A. Adamu, DVS, Sokoto State Member
55. Dr. Gideon M. Mshelbwalla, Director, V&PCS, Abuja Member
56. Dr. David Shamaki, Director, NVRI, Vom Member