Dear Colleagues

The Veterinary Council of Nigeria (VCN) has started implementing the Guidelines for the Registration of Veterinary Practising Premises.

The policy is intended to enforce quality assurances in Veterinary Service delivery and enforce the implementation of the Annual Practising licence thus reducing the incidence of quackery. All registered Veterinary Practising Premises must be manned/supervised by registered Veterinary Surgeons who must have their current Practising Licence prominently displayed in the Premises. Premises to be registered include the following:

  • Veterinary Pharmacy (Veterinary remedies);
  • House call/Consulting Room;
  • Veterinary Clinic; and
  • Veterinary Hospital

Application forms are obtainable from the office of the Director of Veterinary Services of each State and the Animal Health Department, MCT, for a fee of two thousand naira (N2,000.00) and the licence fees shall be as follows:

  • Veterinary Hospital N20,000.00
  • Veterinary Pharmacy N20,000.00
  • Veterinary Clinic N15,000.00
  • House Call N10,000.00

Council has set up Committee in each State, headed by the State Director of Veterinary Services, for the purpose of implementing and enforcing the policy. Other members of the Committee shall include staff of the State Veterinary Department (who must be Veterinary Surgeons) and some members of the State Chapter of the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association. Members are advised to look at the Guidelines on the Registration of Veterinary Practicing Premises (which have been supplied to the State Directors of Veterinary Services and the Local Chapter of the NVMA) for further details. Registrar